Welcome to a Fine Kettle of Fish.  For the one person who is actually checking up on this page (Adam, the best brother in the world), I thought I should begin with a quick introduction.  A Fine Kettle of Fish is actually the name of the book I have been not-so-diligently working on for the past two years which is a collection of short stories from my childhood and turbulent adolescent years.  Most of my friends and family like to tease me about remembering way too much from growing up and I think that my brother, the one who put together this site for me, often thinks I make the stories up.   This, of course, is not the truth.  I simply just remember things fairly well although I do frequently forget stuff like plans with a friend or when my student loans are due.   A Fine Kettle of Fish is just a chance for me to post my musings out there in the public in hopes that Oprah will see it and demand that I get published RIGHT AWAY (I always imagine her to demand in CAPS), and then I will proceed to be a best selling author who will pretend to be really modest about my humble beginnings.

In addition to my writing, I am also an 8th grade English teacher in MA.   Teaching is one of those careers that most of us enter without really knowing the long hours and emotional investments that we deal with on a daily basis.  Somedays I am so exhausted when I go to one of my two part time jobs, I don’t always know if I can go back tomorrow.   But every Monday I do and every day I can’t conjure up another job I’d rather be doing.  So I thought that this site could also be an opportunity to share some teaching ideas that I created and am very proud of.  Like most educators, I have a strong opinion about what constitutes best practice and how a classroom should be run.  As a disclaimer, I spent my first three years hoping my enthusiasm would mask my inability to really write a great lesson plan or praying that the students would learn via osmosis.  But they survived as did I and on this site are some ideas that hopefully will help the teacher searching on a Sunday night for a new way to approach a lesson that they are just running out of ideas for.   Well, enjoy and feel free to share any ideas that might make my ideas better because some of the best things I have ever done have come from someone else.